What is a Toastmaster?

If you are looking for someone to smooth that special occasion, someone with the knowledge and expertise to handle any eventuality with quiet competence, who carries out his duties with correctness and efficiency, combined with a pleasant demeanour, then you require a professional toastmaster, like Fred Ross


Fred Ross toastmaster at a kentish wedding

Fred Ross, Toastmaster at a Kentish wedding

Some think of a Toastmaster as sort of ‘town crier for the dinner table’ – a gent who bangs his gavel and makes an announcement. However, that is a false impression created by those few moments when he is visible to your guests.

Their activity behind the scenes, co-ordinating and steering a formal occasion, should by its nature, go unnoticed. The Toastmaster is a guiding hand, whether it is at wedding reception or business dinner, helping the organiser relax and enjoy the event knowing they can delegate the responsibility for ensuring the time and place for your arrangements on your ‘big day’.

An expert in etiquette and protocol, a Toastmaster is an authority figure without being overbearing. They will be your announcer, co-ordinator and surrogate host. A Member of the National Association of Toastmasters works to reliable, professional standards.

Fred Ross is available for all special occasions; wedding receptions, civil partnerships, black tie dinners, VIP banquets, gala dinners, Masonic events and so on.

National Association of toastmasters member

Member of the National Association of Toastmasters

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